August/September 2016 Updates

Greetings volunteers, parents, and community partners:

We have a plethora of ways for you to get involved with the Hall Fletcher community this month and next:

  • Finishing touches on the Outdoor Learning Center: from 9-12, we will be planting grass, laying down mulch, and sprucing up the OLC in the front of Hall Fletcher to get it ready for use by the students!
  • Preparing for Title I Night on September 1! Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator or Angie Trantham ( to see how you can help us get ready for this important night.
  • Providing classroom assistance to teachers: activities range from organizing classroom libraries, making copies, making games, small group phonics activities, and more.



Oct./Nov. Updates, Opportunities, and Events!




V o l u n t e e r   C o r n e r

Hello Hall Fletcher parents, volunteers, staff and community partners! We have several events and happenings in these coming weeks of which we would like to inform you.

First of:

Fall the Fletch

A Fall Festival at Hall Fletcher

OCT 30th 5PM-9pm

The PTO is proud to sponsor Fall the Fletch here at Hall Fletcher. We extend an invitation to our community to come!
There will be food, games, and a movie to cap the night off!
Fall Fletch Events include:

  • Trunk or treat
  • Cake Walk
  • Obstacle course
  • and more!

If you are interested in participating, donating candy, or volunteering(!) for Fall the Fletch, please contact our volunteer coordinator at or

Pisgah View Apartments Community Night

Hosted by Hall Fletcher Elementary and Vance Elementary

NOV 4th 5:30PM-7:30PM

The annual fall PVA Community Night will be providing games, food, and music to students and community members in Pisgah View Apartments.
Volunteers will be needed to help distribute food, man the game stations, and help during the setup and cleanup for the event.
If you are interested in participating, donating, OR volunteering(!) in PVA Community Night, please contact our volunteer coordinator at or 


If you would like to donate books for the Pisgah View Community Night, please contact:

Chloe Weisberg at or

Sebastian Molina at


The garden and our kiddos could use some help with supplies and resources as we move into winter.
Your generosity with either donations or connections to resources would be greatly appreciated.
We are in need of the following items:

– Ingles gift cards (for cooking demos)
 Fafard Germination Mix (2.8 cu. ft, can be found at most nurseries)
 A source for free composted horse manure
– A source for free rocks/logs for bed borders (until we can transition the beds into raised bed form)
 A source for a free or discounted backhoe rental (to re-transplant our stressed out fruit trees that cannot be moved by crews alone)

Thank you, as always, for your continued support and involvement. Happy gardening!

Friday October 30th (Wacky Clothes day)

A table will be set up in the school lobby. This table will be staffed from 7:30-8:30. Volunteers are welcome to help during those times.The work will involve taking donations from children, giving them stickers and writing their names on pumpkin posters and (after the rush is over) stapling the posters to the display.Two committed volunteers  would be a big help.

If you would like to donate, or if you would like to volunteer, contact Kristin at

Our community partner FEAST is looking for volunteers willing to help with our garden classes here at Hall Fletcher.

The mission of FEAST Asheville is to promote healthy eating choices and make them accessible to people of all income levels through hands on cooking and garden education that encourage and empower participants by teaching skills needed to make fresh, wholesome and tasty food. 

FEAST classes focus on;

  • Problem solving, communication and teamwork
  • Increasing fresh, locally grown produce in everyday living
  • Gaining confidence by exploring different ways to prepare fresh produce
  • Creating and changing recipes, substituting ingredients
  • Learning how food affects your brain and body
  • Connecting to Core Curriculum and Essential Standards in math, reading, writing, science, health and nutrition
If you are interested in volunteering in FEAST classes, contact:
FEAST Program Coordinator: Nan Kramer 
nsrkramer@gmail.comor Sebastian Molina at

School Is Back in Session!


Hey Volunteers!

School is back and we are looking for help!

IF you are interested in starting back up with your previous volunteer position, come on by!

IF you are interested in a new position, talk to your volunteer coordinator!

IF you are NEW email your volunteer coordinator!

We are glad to have you Volunteer!!!!


Hi Volunteers!

Hall Fletcher needs volunteers this weekend to move around things in classrooms so the scene is set for the start of next school year (July 15th). Moves are happening because HFE is now going to be HFEMS! The top floor will be middle school classrooms.

Please reach out and let me know if you can volunteer any hours between 9-4 ! This is Pat the Intern – text/call to let me know your availability – 267.280.6560       Or call – mine and Jess Gulla’s Hall Fletcher office # – 828.350.6451

Burton St. Community

Pat the intern here.

I read an article from the Asheville Blade titled “Voices Carry.” The article details the status of the Interstate 26 connector plans and the effect building of the connector will have on the Burton St. Community.

There are many ways to volunteer. Being knowledgeable on the community one is trying to serve is one way. The Burton St. Community is right around the corner from Hall Fletcher Elementary. It is important to understand the grit, the resiliency, Burton St. community members continue to have challenging racism, gentrification, and I-26. Emily Foley’s article from the Asheville Blade explains –


For more information click on the links within the article!


Summer Gardeners- Keep Calm and Garden On with the HFE Garden this summer! It’s (in my opinion) the most magical time to be out in the garden, and we could really use some help with a few items. Additionally, if you do help out, we’d love to share the harvest with you 🙂 Here are a couple upcoming volunteer options:

Medicinals Session of Garden Summer Camp- Wed. June 17- 8am-12pm– We need one volunteer to come help with this day’s session of garden summer camp. The theme for the day is Plant Medicinals, and we’ll be making salves, tea (a.k.a. lotions, balms, the like) and other plant based medicinals. If this interests you, please let me know and I’ll send you more info!!

– Overall Garden Maintenance- June 22-26- Two dates that are convenient for you- HARVEST INCLUDED ON THIS ONE!!  THIS IS THE BIG ONE WE NEED HELP WITH: I will be out of town visiting my family June 22-26, and I could really use one (or more) people who would be willing to come on two dates that week (preferably Tuesday, June 23 and Thursday, June 25) to water, weed, trim, harvest, replace mulch, check for pests and the like. Additionally, feel free at the end of your second shift to harvest yourself a CSA-style bag of goodies 🙂 If this interests you, please let me know and I’ll send you more info!!

July Garden Work Day with Lunch Potluck- Sat. July 11- 9am-12pm– This is our one Garden Work Day for the summer before we come back to school, and we’ll be doing it potluck style 🙂 So if you feel like coming out to help transplant some stressed out fruit trees, or just do some overall summer garden maintenance, we could really use the help!


Hope to see you out in the garden this summer!


June 11th is Field Day!

We need volunteers to help run activities, please contact to help with the WOrld’s MOST FUN Volunteer positions!


JUNE 12th-15th  we are moving classrooms for 3-6th grade….We need tons of help!

Please, if you attend large community group meetings spread the word, example: church, neighborhood clubs, etc.

We need all the hands we can get!

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Weekly Schedule (testing)

Volunteers and Parents! Next week is testing

Monday May 25th: Memorial Day=Half Day of School, school day will be sped up

Tuesday May 26th: Regular schedule

Wednesday May 27th: regular schedule

Thursday May 28th: 3-5 testing from 8:30-12:30pm

Friday May 29th: 3-5 testing from 8:30-12:30pm